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APRIL 12th - JUNE 13th.

The MATA SELECT PROGRAM is directed by Neale Castillo.


This juniors only program is designed for accomplished and highly competitive players whose primary athletic focus is tennis. Players compete in high level Sectional & National Tournaments with the desire to play collegiately or professionally. 

General Groupings:

UTR (1.0-2.5) are for players that play in USTA leagues and USTA L7 events.  Primary focus is on footwork, consistency, shot selection, court positioning, as well as mental and physical conditioning.


UTR (3.0-5.0) are for players that may play some USTA L5 events, but typically play L6 events.  Primary focus is on developing an identity/style of play that best suits each individual player (i.e. counter-puncher, aggressive baseline, all-court player, etc.) as well as mental toughness/focus.

UTR (5.5+) class is designed for players that regularly compete in Sectional L3, L4, and L5 events as well as USTA National L1, L2 events and.  Primary focus is placed upon trust and confidence in each players strokes, decision making and overall game.  Players will master how to prepare for, compete in, and succeed at tournaments while developing healthy mental and physical habits to deal with pressure.  This class generally ranges from UTR 5.5-11.5, we separate players within this group based on UTR/level.

UTR's are derived from a player's league and USTA matches. 

Advanced clinic


Dates: APRIL 12th - June 13th (9 weeks)

Cost:  $2200

Locations: Bretton Woods - 15700 River Road

payments: venmo@Neale-Castillo (or call to make payment)

MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY - 7-9 PM (subject to change)


MATA will recommend and post tournaments each month.  Coaches will recommend and support player tournament schedules.  Coaches plan to attend one local tournament (L5, L6, or L7) a month (no charge).

If enough players from a certain age group qualify for L1, L2, L3, or L4 events, we can arrange for team travel to these events.  Coaches will plan and manage travel, lodging, practice times, pre-match warm-ups, meals, and watching matches. Coach expenses include airfare, hotel and/or rental car (if necessary) plus $100 per day, per player (pure travel days $50). Min 3 players needed (If only 2 players, the cost would be $150 per day, per player (pure travel days $75).  If one player and coach $300 and $150 respectively.

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