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About Us
MATA was founded by Neale Castillo 10 years ago.   His love for tennis started at a very young age and continues to this day.  His philosophy has always remained the same...“I just want to give back to the game that has given me and my family everything we have in life.  I love tennis, I love this program and I love helping every single student maximize their potential."
Neale was born and raised in Potomac, MD where he went to Lakewood Elementary, Frost Middle School and Wootton High School. His father and coach was the “Columbian Davis Cup Team Coach.”  Coaching and developing players like Ivan Molina (French Open Champion) and Alvaro Betancur along the way.  Neale, his uncle Pacho, uncle Gus and his first cousin Roberto Castillo, all played on the ATP tour.  His other cousins, Sebastian, Gabrielle and Lucas are all dominating international Junior tournaments.  Neale’s father Alvaro also worked with Team USA at the Dural Country Club alongside Arthur Ashe and John McEnroe.  
Neale has had a very successful career both on and off the court.  Neale both played college tennis and on the ATP Tour.  He was named the USPTA player of the year 2002 thru 2015, USPTA Coach of the Year in 2011 & 2015, as well as high school coach of the year in 2016 & 2017. Along the way Neale has won multiple Men’s Open, 30’s and 35’s national titles. 

Just last year Neale beat the #1 doubles team in the world 6-0,7-5 on his way to securing 5th place in the 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!    


In 2019, Neale coached multiple players in Washington, DC's own ATP 500 CITI OPEN Tournament!  

Here at MATA we are truly a family!  We strive every day during practice to help motivate one other in an effort to get the most from ourselves.  We look at problems as an opportunity to grow and become better human beings both on and off the court.  Winning is a result of putting all of the pieces together and learning to focus and fight harder at the correct moments in a match.  We give ALL of our students, regardless of level, absolutely everything... mental toughness, physical training, strategic planning and stroke production.  We teach our players to win on and off the court, emphasizing learning something new every time they approach their class, clinic or opponent.    If we can make someone a world champion, wonderful.  However, if we can make every single player who comes through our program better human beings, then we have done our job.  Every lesson learned on the court can be applied off the court in life.  


All of our pros are both certified professionals and passionate teachers who care about their students.  We all take pride in our craft and enjoy bringing out the best in our students while having a lot of fun doing it.   


Come join our family! We look forward to seeing you out on the courts!

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